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Just Excited About What God Is Doing Kingdom-Wide!


God’s law of sowing and reaping is stated in Galatians 6:7-9,

This is an immutable, unchangeable, law.

It applies in both the physical and spiritual realms.

Every person is a “sower” who will reap the harvest of his own planting.


I believe in the Word of God, it’s principles and precepts.  Sowing the word of God will produce the Kingdom of God.

Sowing in every area of your life unto the Father, abounding in the work of the Lord will yield you to living in God’s overflow. I further believe if you sow sparingly of your time, abilities, resources, and righteous works deprives you of the abundant life here on earth and the eternal harvest in heaven according to Matthew 25:14-40.

Sowing is an eternal principle. Everything we do matters. 

In all of these ways, we are sowing for the glory of God, and the Scriptures promise that if we sow to the Spirit, in due season we shall reap an abundant harvest. The Lord shall bless us here and reward us on that day when we stand before him. Let us, therefore, lay up our treasure in heaven by engaging and expending in the work of the Lord. That is the one sure way of converting the temporal to eternal.

Listen this mandate, this ministry, this apostolic call has a great commission to ignite a “fresh fire anointing” in believers nation by nation.

I am so serious about God’s Kingdom. John F Harris Ministries is making a tremendous impact. We can make far more greater impact with believers in alignment with this vision to be proactive, doers, interceders, givers.

Consider sowing into this ministry as Father God, directs you. Sowing impacts JFHM to come to your territory, your city releasing the Glory.


I hope you will purpose today to sow to the Spirit, to obey God, and to do the will of God so that there will be personal blessing, family blessing, and generational blessing to a thousand generations. Then, when we stand before him, we will receive God’s blessing: “Well done, thou good and faithful servant. Enter into the joy of your master!” 

Apostle John F. Harris