Transforming men

Developing Spiritual Champions

JFHM has a heart for the brethren. The goal being to ignite Men to become better Christian men through spiritual growth; to bring Men out of isolation and passivity; to engage, involve and connect Men with other Godly men to rise up in Sonship through this great commission as we reach Men, courageously pursuing God together.

We know that Men want to be involved in mission and ministry and they need an environment where they are supported, equipped and encouraged to do this.


Christian Men Today

Are looking for a powerful and dynamic cause to which they can commit their lives.

Are looking for a challenging vision that inspires them to achieve a meaningful goal.

Want to be a part of a team under a “Visionary” leader where they can be active in Godly activities that produce tangible results; where they can make a difference.

Want answers to issues they face daily; attain deliverance and healing of hurts where necessary.

Married want to create a more Godly relationship with their wives according to God’s plan.


Why Are Men So Vital To Ministry?

Men Influence Their Family’s Spiritual Journey DRAMATICALLY.

  • If a child comes to Christ first:  3.5% of families will follow.
  • If a Mother comes to Christ first:  17% of families will follow.
  • If a Father comes to Christ first:  93% of families will follow.


JFH Men’s Ministry Reaching Goals Together

building relationships that hold fast through thick and thin so that we are not isolated and alone. A lone soldier cannot win a war. Others can encourage and challenge us to build our life on integrity, righteousness and holiness. These are the characteristics of God.


Building & Growing Together

Our life as Christians means that we should be growing more Christlike – more like Christ. That growth reflects Christ's glory to others. In today's busy climate, face-to-face meetings can be supplemented with other communication like conference calls, phone calls, email, texting, webinars, screensharing platforms, google hang-outs, social media, Facebook group ministry page(s), messaging.

Because of the importance of standing strong together in the spiritual battle for souls, JFHM is committed to supporting the Men’s by publishing materials and/or providing other resources and information here on this site.

Decide to get involved, if you are not already, and to make it work. Be a friend to others and look for ways to meet some of their needs – not just your own needs. Together we can achieve more than we can alone!

Men Events

Men’s Ministry Team:

If you’d like to join the Men’s Ministry Team for John F Harris Ministries provide your information in the contact form to the Right.  You will be contacted by Apostle John F Harris.

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